These resources have proved useful in nurturing along our microfarm project.

Ark of Taste – The Slow Food Movement’s Ark of Taste is a list of over 200 foods that are in danger of extinction. These foods include heirloom fruits and vegetables, as well as rare breeds of chicken, fish, and other animals. The Slow Food Movement hopes that by promoting these disappearing foods, they will help save them.

Urban Farm Online – The online version of my favorite magazine. Articles from this magazine (free) range from backyard chickens to community gardens to beekeeping. All things urban and farm.

Local – This handy website enables you to search  an number of local suppliers and farms for produce, seeds, eggs, and anything else you think you might need for your garden, house, or tummy!

Growing fruit and vegetables in Southern California:

Pat Welsh’s Southern California GardeningMs. Welsh’s gardening website is invaluable for anyone growing vegetables here.

OC Farm Supply An excellent brick and mortar source for seedlings (although they cannot guarantee non-GMO), worms, ladybugs, organic pest control, soil, raised bed panels, and pots. We even purchased the stock troughs for our large aquaponics system here, but they don’t always carry these.  They just got seed potatoes in!

Green Coast Hydroponics – Another excellent brick and mortar store with aquaponics supplies. Reasonably priced timers for all our systems were purchased here. They also have a large selection of lights, grow beds, although perhaps less reasonably priced, at least easy to find.

Flowerdale Nursery – Carries a number of dwarf fruit tree varieties. Low chill varieties can be found here, too.

Upland Nursery, Inc. – An interesting collection of trees not available at other nurseries, including various varities of avocado trees, acerola trees, banana trees, kiwi plants, water plants, and bonsai. They also have a small chicken coop with Silkie chickens. Each time we’ve been here, they try to give us Silkie chicks. This nursery is in the transmission line corridor on Tustin Street in Orange.

Home Depot in Orange – I’m not sure about other HD garden centers, but the one in Orange on Katella now carries organic seedlings.   Many of these seedlings  are often out of season, but if you know what you want to plant and you do not want to try and grow from seed, I’d recommend checking out this NEW section.  Yesterday, I was in HD and noticed a Seeds of Change display had been added.  While we no longer use Seeds of Change seeds, they are organic and non-GMO and sprout quite readily.  Also, you can say, ‘hi’, to Homer the cat on your way out!  He loves kids.

Harbor Freight – Do not forget about these guys!  Harbor Freight stocks tools at fractions of the costs of the same items at the bigger box stores.  We purchased our greenhouse here for 320.00 bucks.  It is  a 6×8 foot greenhouse.  This is its second year and it is a fabulous greenhouse.  Be warned, though.  The directions are absolutely horrible and putting it up is akin to doing a huge 3D puzzle.  And the clips go into the frame no less than 6 different ways, but only one of them holds the panels firmly in place.

Seed suppliers:

Seed Savers Exchange – A website dedicated to saving and sharing heirloom seeds. Lots of good seed saving advice. Shop the Seed Savers store for exotic and hard to find seeds.

Peaceful Valley – Superb seeds and plants, and a wealth of farming tips and tricks.  Peaceful Valley provided all the seeds this year, free of charge, to Bryn’s school garden.

Baker Creek Seeds – Not only do these folks NOT sell GMO seeds, they will not sell seeds from companies that support GMO in any way. And some of the niftiest seeds around can be found here!


BackYard Chickens – Good info and thoughtful conversation about all things Chicken

Orange Olive Veterinary Hospital – These folks are truly excellent vets for anyone with small animals like guinea pigs or rabbits. They are located in Orange.

Feed Barn – This is a great feed store in Costa Mesa, just off the 55 Freeway. Pine bedding is super cheap. And our animals think their hay is the greatest. They carry Scratch n’ Peck feeds, which are corn free and soy free AND just received their USDA Organic certification. Now organic, it is a good locally available feed. Food grade DE is available by the pound and they also carry straw for raised gardening beds.  Pallets are 2 dollars each, when they have them.

Modesto MillingSupplier of USDA and Oregon Tilth organic certified chicken and rabbit feed. They also have hog and goat formulas. There is a corn free, soy free layer formula and a soy free chick starter available, in addition to a more traditional formula.

Newport Beach Veterinary Hospital – Dr. Cohen is the best dog vet on the planet. ‘Nuff said.

Rancho del Rio Stables – This stable sits adjacent to the 57 Freeway in Anaheim. The Feed and Tack store is open 7 days a week and the pine bedding is super cheap. If you want horse manure for your garden, bring a bucket. It’s frequently available for the taking. This stable also has several programs, including a horse class for kids and a down at the farm program for preschoolers. Chickens run amok over the property.


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