No smell composting

I like to have compost bins that don’t reek.  Our back yard is the size of someone’s living room and the smell from stinky compost bins would waft easily into the back room.  Therefore, we have two vermacompost bins.  They are large Sterilite storage containers we found at Target with ten 1/16″ holes drilled in the bottom and 12 1/16″ holes drilled in the top.  Turquoise, of course.  We, at the OCMetroFarm like color.  This is probably not news to anyone.  Each bin sits atop three bricks so that the bins can drain.  Each bin was started with a small bit of green waste, a package of red wrigglers worms from Orange County Farm Supply, a few handfuls of dirt, and Trader Joe’s bags cut into 1-inch strips.

In that specific order.  Then, we poured water on top.  The excess drained out the bottom.  We are careful to keep the bins in the shade.  Cooked worms do not compost garbage efficiently.  And they work.  We keep a bucket, named the worm bucket, under the sink and we put all our green waste that the chickens don’t hork into the bucket.  Minus meat or anything with oil of any kind.  The bucket is dumped regularly into the worm bins.  If we open the bins and it smells bad, we add more strips of bags.  The Sterilite bins are not the most efficient way to acquire the desired vermacompost for our raised garden beds, but they mostly work.  And, they’re inexpensive.  I’ll admit that I’ve been eyeing one of those snazzy worm bins from Amazon.  Compost tea pours out the spigot and vermacompost, without orange peels and egg shells, is ready for use in another drawer.  How swanky is that?  Of course, the fun game of ‘what the heck is that growing in the garden?’ would be missed.  Last fall, we planted a blackberry bush and used some of our dandy vermacompost to plant the bush.  A volunteer tomato plant sprouted up.  The tomatoes off that plant were most tasty.  All winter.  Who knew?  Right now, tomato sproutlings are popping up all over the place.  As it is currently November 29, I have pulled most of them.  I’ve left a few though, just to see how they do.