French style rabbit (I read about in a book)

I read Novella Carpenter’s book Farm City earlier this year.  At one point in the book, Novella visits her sister in the French countryside.  The sister buys a rabbit at a local market and Novella describes briefly how the rabbit is cooked.  I admit it.  My mouth watered.  I promised myself that as soon as we had more rabbit, the FIRST recipe I was going to try was that one.  This recipe is based on what I thought most closely matched what I read about in Farm City.


1 rabbit, skinned, dressed, and cut into quarters

1 bottle of good red wine (how can this go wrong, with these two ingredients?)

1 /2 stick butter

flour, with salt, pepper, and celery seed mixed in- 1/2 teaspoon each


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Heat butter in heavy frying pan.  One of those thick metal ones with which you could brain burglars.  Dredge rabbit quarters in flour mixture.  Once the butter is hot and sizzling, add the rabbit quarters, meaty side down.  Fry briefly, until golden brown.  Flip.  Once the second side is golden brown, as well, flip the pieces again, so the meaty sides are down.  Turn off the stove heat and dump the bottle of wine into the frying pan.  Put the entire thing into the oven.  Bake.  A 2-3 pound rabbit will need to bake about 1 hour.  We have a gas oven-cooking times among gas ovens vary a bit.

Once the rabbit is done, remove the rabbit from the pan, and mix in some leftover flour.  This thick sauce is excellent with the meat.  In small amounts.  No glopping.  You’ll need red wine to accompany, so your arteries do not harden on the spot!, and I’d only recommend this dish once a year, but it is heavenly.


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