The benefits of growing your own food are many.  It is definitely challenging and I will admit to raging at pill bugs this winter when they ate the entire first batch of seedlings in our winter garden and at the ‘butt scoot bugs’ for the consumption of my tomatillo plants this past summer, but the satisfaction of raising one’s own food is high.

Growing food with the seasons reacquaints one with the seasonality of produce.  And, it does present some culinary challenges in the kitchen.  For example, we LOVE salsa.  All kinds.  Hot.  Mild.  Tomatillo.  Chunky.  All kinds.  It is vexing that tomatoes, onions, and peppers thrive in the hot months of late summer while the cilantro bolted in March.  Cooking with food in season requires at least a little creativity.


This collection of recipes are based on dishes we have made at the Sly Farm with our own ingredients.  Some have been canned, or frozen, or otherwise stored while other ingredients are fresh.  Admittedly, we do occasionally break down, particularly around late February, and buy something that is completely out of season and shipped 6000 miles from Chile, but we won’t include evidence of those activities here.

French style rabbit (I read about in a book)

Vegetarian Squash Lasagna

Veggie ‘burgers’

Zucchini Frittata

Chinese 5 Spice Soup

Roast Quail


Mac and Cheese

Substitution Coleslaw

Rabbit Meatloaf

Big Bunny’s Carrot and Parsnip Fritters

Monday pizza

Easy Pumpkin Bars

Won ton soup

Guava and persimmon pie