Peeps can be fairly easy to raise. Until we set up the incubator and brooder for our quail, we used a large cardboard box and a desk lamp. The bulb MUST give off heat. Fluorescent bulbs do not give off heat. If one tries to raise chicks without heat, said chicks will likely perish.

Here is our easy set up (in a large cardboard box):


Clean water and chick starter are very important. Do not try to raise chicks on layer formula. The protein content is not high enough. Chicks need heat. BUT, they can also get too hot. Particularly around here. There are specific temperatures recommended for specific weeks, but we just watch the birds. If all of the peeps are huddled under the lamp together, they are too cold. Lower the lamp so there is more heat for the chicks. Similarly, if they are huddled on the far side of the box, as far from the lamp as they can get, they are too hot. Raise the lamp up. If they are running around, pecking at the sawdust, eating chick starter, and drinking water, they are fine.

  1. Debi says:

    LOVE what you are doing and your website! Thank you for sharing all this with us city folk who are just beginning our home growing adventure. Hope to meet you at the Orange Farmers Market some time.

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