OC Farmer’s Markets

We grow a lot of our own food.  But, really, we live on 3000 square feet.  None of our fruit trees are very large yet; most are less than 3 years old.  And we all really like to eat.

So, what is almost as good as growing your own?  A nice local farmer’s market.  We regularly frequent the Orange Farmer’s Market which is held on Saturdays.  The timing is usually convenient.  A large and varied number of vendors attend.  There is a smaller Orange Farmer’s Market on Thursday afternoons near the senior center.  We have also visited this one.  It is small, but if you need some fruit or veggies for dinner on Thursday or Friday, and cannot wait until Saturday, it’s perfect.  The Lido Farmer’s Market is also a smaller market that is held on Sundays on the Peninsula in Newport Beach.  If there happened to be a swell on Saturday and we surfed the morning away, we can still pick up a few items on Sunday as we head back up to the 55 Freeway.  The farmer’s market at the Great Park is pretty good, too.  It is held on Sunday afternoons.  Just in case the wind never came up and the surf stayed clean into the afternoon…

Saturday Orange Farmer’s Market – fruit vendors, vegetable vendors, a meat vendor, our absolute favorite honey vendor, a oyster/mussel vendor, a seedling and fruit tree vendor, the salsa vendor (yum!), a mushroom vendor, a bread vendor, and various others.  At least two vendors are usually selling free range eggs.  Some vendors are organic; some are not.  There is usually at least one musician.  A class or lecture about food is often held during the summer and at least two gourmet food trucks each week will park next to the market.  Held Saturdays, 9A-1P near the Circle at Palm and Cypress in Old Towne Orange.

Thursday Orange Farmer’s Market – fruit and vegetable vendors, one nut vendor, a bread vendor.  Held Thursday afternoons, behind the Senior Center in Old Towne Orange.

Newport Beach Farmer’s Market – fruit and vegetable vendors, a meat vendor, a bread vendor, a flower seller, a honey vendor, and various prepared food vendors.  This farmer’s market is worth attending just to check out the meat vendor.  Chicken and beef, yes.  Duck, quail, and lamb?  You bet.  Please note!  The parking for this farmer’s market is FREE in the structure.  All other locations are at meters which charge on Sundays.  Held Sundays, 9A-1P, Newport Pier.

Great Park Farmer’s Market – fruit and vegetable vendors, a flower seller, and many other booths.  The best reason to come to this market is the fleet of gourmet food trucks that show each week.  Near the market, is the Great Park gardens open for touring and complete with chickens.  Our favorite is the Jersey Giant.  She is awesome!  Held Sundays, 10A-2P, Orange County Great Park in Irvine.

SoCo Farmer’s Market – fruits, vegetables, flowers, meat, food trucks.  This is a nice farmer’s market near South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa.  We had never been to this market, but Da-Le Meats bought quail chicks from us and we delivered to the market. Free parking.  Held Saturdays, 9A-2P, 3315 Hyland Avenue, Costa Mesa.


  1. Dana says:

    My name is dana and I am from Saudi Arabia, I am currently building an aquaponic system in Saudi. I wanted to meet with you and see your farm.
    I am currently in Los Angeles.
    Best regards

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