The Zero Lot Line

Tomato plants in the zero lot lineThere is a strip of land that runs between our house and our neighbor’s driveway.  This strip measures less than 3 feet.  It is the zero lot line between our two properties.  Do not be fooled and discount such a small piece of land, though!  Easily half of the 200+ pounds of tomatoes that we harvested this past summer were grown on that little strip of land.

To access this little scrap of land, we sidle along our raised beds which entirely consume our property on property that is technically our neighbor’s.  Fortunately, we get along with these neighbors and we give them tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, and eggs.  We want to make sure pleasant access to our beds continues!

These skinny beds receive some of the best sun on our entire lot.  In the summer, these beds are in the sun all day.  In the winter, these beds receive more sun than anyplace else on the lot- save the roof.  The first year we put in this bed, we planted zucchini.  Big mistake.  Zucchini needs space and room and more space.  The zucchini plants grew so big that we had problems squeezing between their driveway gate and our raised bed.  Now, we plant root vegetables and plants that like to be trellised.  These work out so much better.


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