The Porch

Our corner house has two porches.  We try to keep the pots to a minimum so we don’t look like the crazy cat lady house near the library.  We are on a budget so we reuse pots and we usually buy plastic pots.  But, even plastic pots can be jazzed up with a quick paint job.  Seal the paint with acrylic seal and it will last and look much nicer than a plain plastic pot!

We have several dwarf trees in large pots.  Garlic is a good companion plant for fruit trees, so this fall we planted garlic in all of our fruit tree pots.  Garlic helps deter pests from the fruit trees and by planting the garlic in these pots we free up space elsewhere for something else.  Volunteer potatoes came up in one pot- as the worst potato farmer to farm potatoes since the Famine Times, I let any and all volunteer potatoes come up.  Several of the pots now have nasturtiums.  These are also self seeding and will spread like crab grass, given half a chance.  Turnips, in particular, really like the pots.  I have no idea why.  Strawberries, too, do exceptionally well in pots.  Almost all of our strawberries, aside from volunteers, are now in pots.