The Back Yard

Although landscaping regulations do no necessarily apply in the fenced backyard, we nevertheless cannot use all the space available.  The available sunlight is not as good in the back yard.  The house and trees on two sides block a lot of sun from the yard.  The flowering bushes along the back fence remain some of the only non-food bushes on our property.  These bushes are dual purpose.  They block the worst of the summer sun as well as our view of the house next door.  This house belongs to the single unpleasant neighbor in our neighborhood and we are much happier looking at the pretty flowers than their house.  Also, we need to be able to move our trash cans in and out and the dogs need somewhere to go outside.  Although, we have plans for the back yard…

Trellising the backyard

The new raised beds include a cast off bookcase we found one random Friday night next to an apartment building on our dog walk.  The rest of the raised beds are the lids of the Sterilite containers we use for the roof garden.  That much plastic looked tacky, so we let the kid paint them.  Much better now!  And since they are sort of crammed in together, we put in trellises so we could go up.


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