City Boulevards

Sure, those City boulevards are a pain to water and maintain.  But, it’s more space, and because they aren’t right next to the house, they often get lots of good sun.  Currently, we only have trees planted on our boulevards.  The City has no problem with trees planted on their boulevards as long as they don’t interfere with the overhead power lines or push up the sidewalks.  Or grow into the sewer or water or gas lines.  If any of that occurs, guess who is financially responsible?  Hint: NOT the City!

These trees are technically on public land so we have tried to be sneaky about the types of trees we planted.  We have a dwarf lime tree and a green fig tree.  All the fruits produced by these two trees are green like the trees’ leaves and therefore, not highly noticeable.  We also have an acerola and a pomegranate tree planted on the boulevards.  Sadly, two of our pomegranates were snaked this year.  When you’ve only grown 10 pomegranates, you pay attention to the loss of two!  We also prefer dwarf tree varieties.  We do not have a lot of room so we need smaller trees.  These smaller trees will still produce a goodly amount of fruit, once they are mature.

If you are planting trees, particularly on city boulevards…we recommend DigAlert.  In California, dial 811.  These folks will mark underground lines for you, free of charge.  Just in case you’re wondering where to plant that new lime tree so your new farming enterprise does not result in explosions and mass hysteria.


  1. Steve says:

    Are these trees being planted on the median of the boulevards? I am having a hard getting a picture of ordinary citizens planting trees on the boulevard with out permits. I have thought about guerrilla gardening this sounds like it’s right up my alley but like I said I am having a trouble imagining this. Thanks for the site and keep up the good work!

    • ocmetrofarm says:

      Yes, these are City boulevards. There are two kinds of trees planted in boulevards in our City. The ones the City plants and the ones the residents plant. It is okay in our City for residents to plant trees on the boulevard, you just have to avoid any underground lines (call DigAlert!) and you are responsible for keeping the tree trimmed and away from overhead lines. The City trims all the trees that it plants. But, not any trees planted by residents. Also, if you plant a tree, you are responsible for any damage it does, say pushing up the sidewalk or falling over on a car, so we keep the trees small and we planted them so their roots were contained as much as possible.

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