A Community Garden Plot

These are admittedly hard to come by. We were on the wait list for two years before we finally received a plot at our local community garden. This year, however, everyone on the wait list at the Orange Community Garden got a plot. Several were left available and those of us who expressed interest acquired a second plot. Not all communities have these resources available. But, for those lucky enough to live near a community garden and to get a space, they are a great place to grow!
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For the first year we planted at the community garden, we divided our plot into two parts. One half was a huge raised bed which contained a lasagna garden. The other half was soil to which we added soil amendments, including vermacompost, rotting veggies, and rabbit manure. We planted crops on both sides to see which veggies prefer which growing methods. Preliminary results are in! Root veggies and tubers definitely prefer the ground over raised beds. Corn also seems to prefer the ground over the raised beds. Tomatoes and squash? Hybrid tomato plants did pretty well in the ground. Heirloom tomatoes? Raised beds all the way, baby!

The raised bed was razed this year. We’ve planted that area entirely with wine grapes and a rose-bush. We put a pallet on the north end of the plot, where the raised bed used to be, and filled that with strawberry plants. The soil is pretty good, having been mostly rehabilitated by using the area as a raised bed for a year.


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