The Chicken Report, Number 2

Chicken report 2

Mrs. Fancy:  Bwak!  This is ace chicken reporter, Mrs. Fancy.  I am speaking today with the new chicks.  As you know, gentle feathered readers, we here at the OC Metro Farm still mourn the loss of Volcom Room, aka Veco, our barred rock hen.  With only two of us to hold down the egg fort, the folks at the OC Metro Farm have acquired new chicks!  Today, we talk to the new face of the flock at the OC Metro Farm.  How are you all today?

Chick 1:  Uh, we’re kind of small.  You aren’t going to pick on us, are you?

Mrs. Fancy:  Not yet, my dears.  When you’re older and the people put you into the hen house, maybe.

Chick 2:  That doesn’t sound too good for us, mate.

Mrs. Fancy:  You know, you three have funny accents.  What are you?

Chick 1:  We’re black Australorps, mate.

Chick 4:  Jah.  They are from Australia.

Mrs. Fancy:  You have a funny accent, too!  I’ll definitely pick on you when you get to the hen house.

Chick 4:  I think that will not go so good for me.  I am Golden Lakenvelder.

Mrs. Fancy:  What is a Golden Lakenvelder?

Chick 4:  Vell, I am good layer of white eggs and small.  I do vell in heat but not in cold.  I vill probably be big as you, Mrs. Fancy.

Mrs. Fancy:  This is southern California.  It does not get too cold here.

Chicks 1, 2, and 3:  We also do well in heat, mate!

Mrs. Fancy:  That is good.  It does indeed get hot here!  How big will you Aussies get?

Chick 2:  We’re considered a heavy breed.  We’ll get much bigger than you.  And we’ll lay brown eggs.  We’re also pretty good layers, even though we’ll get up to 7 or 8 pounds.

Mrs. Fancy:  I see.  Well, I suppose I’ll keep my hen pecking limited to the Golden Lakenvelder, then.  And, there you have it, gentle feathered readers.  The new face of the flock at the OC Metro Farm.  Until next time.  Bwak!


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