The Chicken Report, Number 3

Chicken Report Number 3

Ms. Fancy: Hello, Gentle Feathered Readers! We are here today, in the house!, seeking answers about the new coop! Greetings, large shaved monkey who brings us food!

Ken: Huh? What are you doing in the house? How did you get in?

Mrs. Fancy: Oh, I snuck in when the small shaved monkey wasn’t looking. So, tell us about the new coop!

Ken: Where did you learn English?

Mrs. Fancy: I am a White Leghorn. I speak English. Just don’t ask that Golden Lakenvelder any questions. None of the rest of us can understand a single thing she says. Now, about the lovely new coop…

Ken: Yeah. You all needed more room. How did you get out of the coop, by the way?

Mrs. Fancy: Small shaved monkey again. So, what are the plans for the second story? Right now, there are occasional snacks and not much else on that level.

Ken: Right. Well, chickens like to dust bathe, so we figured we’d put a dust bath on that level when it gets hotter, and…

Mrs. Fancy: Cluck! A dirt bath?! A dirt bath! We’re getting our own personal dust bath! That is fantastic!!!

Ken: Uh, huh. So, about you going back outside…

Mrs. Fancy: What about the third level? What will be done with that? Are those little chickens going to stay up there forever?

Ken: No, we’ll put the ramp down as soon as they’re bigger and you can all go up to that level whenever you want.

Mrs. Fancy: Oh, my goodness! So, we’ll have another level AND little chickens to peck on? Glorious!

Ken: Uh, huh. So, outside. It’s nice out there.

Mrs. Fancy: You’re so right. I’m headed out there, soon. One more question. Why build up, rather than out?

Ken: There isn’t any more room to build your coop out. Up was the only place left.

Mrs. Fancy: Brilliant! You shaved monkeys sure come up with some good ideas. And that’s the Urban Coop, gentle feathered readers. Mrs. Fancy, out.

Ken: Definitely. Out. Now.


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