The Chicken Report, Number 1

Mrs. Fancy:  Bwak!  This is ace chicken reporter, Mrs. Fancy.  I am speaking today with MegaWorm!  He lives across the yard in Vermacomposting Bin #2.  Rumors place MegaWorm at nearly 1 foot long!  Now, I can’t see both ends, but he is impressive.  How are you today, MegaWorm?

MegaWorm:  Good.

Mrs. Fancy:  My readers all want to know where you come from?

MegaWorm:  Uh, this bin, here.  Some of the older worms are from the Orange County Farm Supply, but not me.

Mrs. Fancy:  How did you get so huge?

MegaWorm:  I like the greens and eggshells and orange peels the people put into this bin.

Mrs. Fancy:  You like eggshells and orange peels?

MegaWorm:  Uh, yeah.

Mrs. Fancy:  Why haven’t you left this bin?  I mean, you’re pretty much grown up.

MegaWorm:  Well, there is plenty to eat here.  And all my worm friends are here.  Also, I can’t fit out of the drain holes anymore.  Some of the smaller worms leave from time to time from those drain holes.  But, I’m way too big.  And its a good place to live.  Not too dry.  Not too damp.  And the weather is nice.  Not too hot and not too cold.

Mrs. Fancy:  Any plans for the future?

MegaWorm:  Uh, I was going to have some of that apple core over there later.

Mrs. Fancy:  Well, there you have it, gentle feathered readers.  Later, MegaWorm plans to snack on apple cores!  Mrs. Fancy, ace chicken, reporting from the yard at the OC Metro Farm.  Bwak!


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