The Chicken Report


Ms. Fancy: Hello, Gentle Feathered Readers! Although the June Gloom has kept temperatures down the last few weeks, summer is here! And with it come the hot temperatures. Today, we’re talking with the large metal blower outside of the coop. Mr. Fan, you keep us cool all summer! How do you do it?

Fan: whhhrrrrrrrrrr.

Mrs. Fancy: I love it! The strong silent and dependable type! Yes, sir. Your lovely breezes are aimed up so they don’t blow directly on us, but we get this wonderful breeze. Sometimes, gentle readers, it is so hot, we stand on the coop, beaks open, wings out, and enjoy the breezes of Mr. Fan.

Fan: whhhrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Mrs. Fancy: Water is also important to us hens during the hot days of summer. We need lots of fresh water! Mr. Fan, what is your role in our fresh water needs?

Fan: whhhrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Mrs. Fancy: He’s embarrassed by the praise. Ice blocks or frozen water bottles help, too. Especially when it is humid. We chickens really have problems with humidity. Right, Mr. Fan?

Fan: whhhhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Mrs. Fancy: The last, great thing about Mr. Fan is not only does he keep us cool all summer, but he does it without getting us wet. We chickens do not do so well wet. So, Mr. Fan, our combs are off to you! May we have a long, mutually beneficial relationship!

Fan: wwwhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Mrs. Fancy: There you have it, gentle feathered readers. Find yourself your own Mr. Fan, and your summers will not only provide stimulating conversation, but also, cool breezes. Mrs. Fancy, out.

Fan: wwwwwhhhhrrrrrrrrrrr.

Mrs. Fancy: So, Mr. Fan, what are you doing once the sun goes down?


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