Nothing works so well for small spaces as aquaponics.  The elegant combination of raising vegetables and raising fish can even be moved inside with a proper grow light in the absence of enough sunlight.

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Aquaponics combines the best aspects of hydroponics and aquaculture.  Vegetables grow in nutrient rich liquid and a grow media (hydroponics) and fish are raised for food (aquaculture).  The main drawback of each independent system is the disposal of the waste products.  Hydroponics solutions that fertilize the growing plants much be changed out regularly.  Solutions, containing fertilizers and other chemicals, are dumped to allow for the replacement of fresh solutions to keep the plants growing.  Aquaculture waste consists of nasty cloudy fish poo water.  When the two systems are combined, the fish poo water is pumped into the hydroponics grow bed where the plants use the nitrogen and other nutrients from the fish water.  The plants pull the nutrients they require out of the solution and the water that runs back into the fish tank is clean.  It can be a completely self contained system.  Additional benefits include the use of less water and the small amount of space required.  The cost of urban water isn’t as much of a concern as it is with traditional raised beds, because once the system is filled, only enough water to top off the system is needed.  Any balcony, patio, or anywhere outside where there is some sunlight, renders a grow light unnecessary; however, if no space is available outside, a set of grow lights will work for a system that is set up inside a house or apartment.

We now offer an occasional class where we talk about all things aquaponics and build an ebb and flow system.  If interested, please check out our Consultation and Classes page.

Consultation and Classes

For anyone who would like to get a toe into aquaponics, PetCo, of all places, now has a small 3-gallon system for sale.

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