Did anything survive?

Posted: January 23, 2017 in Uncategorized

So, anyone near any sort of news report is aware that, hey!, we’ve had some rain here in SoCal in the last few days. The heavy rain did a seriously harsh number to the roof garden, which consisted primarily of small seedlings and rogue weeds.  Everyone will be relieved to know the rogue weeds held up nicely.  Grrrrr.   The seedlings, not so much. Also, the roof in one room was leaking, so during a brief break between storms, Ken ran up to the roof and moved the seriously sun damaged and crunchy containers, falling apart like brittle taco shells, and full of soil and seedlings, to the roof of the garage so he could try and make repairs.  Undulating soil, disintegrating plastic, and small seedlings?  Not good bed fellows.  We seem to have lost most of our turnip and carrot seedlings.  I hope that some of the unsprouted seeds may do so in the next few days of sunshine.

The established plants are far better off.  Those that did not drown.  I am afraid to check out our baby banana tree pups. They popped up over the summer when our older tree died.  They are away from our roof drainage, so maybe they will be okay. It got pretty dark before I finished work today, so I have yet to verify they survived the torrential downpour, the flooded yard, and the hail.  The Yeti nepenthes-we call them the Lord of the Rings flowers because Samwise grows them in his garden- apparently loved the downpours and I have not seen our lime tree this happy, ever.  Sadly, the grass we have been trying to kill off rebounded and redoubled.     

The chickens heartily disapproved of the storms.  They bitched constantly throughout each and every rain storm, huddling together on the top level of Fort Fancy, complaining of the weather, the rain, and I suspect, a general lack of fowl approved chickeny treats. The lack of chickeny treats has nothing whatsoever do do with the rain, but hey, chickens.  They lay eggs, not brain trusts. We have noted that our quail are far, far better off when the temperatures are lower, as they have been lately.  In fact, our quail do so much better in the winter, that we are considering not keeping quail in the summer months.  As soon as it really starts getting hot, we find it incredibly difficult to keep the quail roos from pecking on each other.  They simply do not do it during the winter.  At all.  

So, this weekend, when it is clearer, we will clean up the mess.  We will plant the roof, again.  Probably swap out some of the crunch containers. Look for our banana pups.  Curse the weeds and the grass.  And yes, probably hand out chickeny treats.  Not a task that really has anything to do with the weather, but hey, chickens.


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