Status quo, Happy 2017

Posted: January 6, 2017 in Uncategorized

Not much exciting has happened around the Sly Farm lately.  We have chickens-they mostly stay cooped in their multi story chicken complex.  Chicken gossip indicates that they do not approve of the new akita, Kagome. And we have a huge back log of eggs with which we are conducting accidental test runs on how long eggs laid during the summer and fall can last into the winter.  Thus far, we are good.  We will report when we start finding bad eggs.

We still have rabbits-they are getting older.  Josephine Turner, named for one of the, SPOILER ALERT!!!!, murderers in Dame Agatha’s Body in the Library, still mad dogs us when we are in the garage cleaning out cages and feeding and watering.  Melody still dislikes people.  All people. Coturnix Towers is presently occupied. Quail truly are small dinosaurs.  It is winter, but the farm goes on.

We recently planted the roof garden.  Things are sprouting. Most of the backyard stays fallow in the winter, as there is little to no sun back there.  There has been little to no sun anywhere as this year, we have gotten actual rain during our rainy season.  Great for the farm.  Terrible for our efforts to put up solar Christmas lights.  Epic Fail. A couple of the tomato plants refuse to die and keep producing fruit so we let them alone.  And the raccoon’s sweet potatoes grow away.

One new bit-we are working at redoing our aquaponics systems and replacing the now gone tilapia with catfish.  Catfish do not have scales and have greater temperature tolerances.  We understand from the literature that they tolerate the water fluctuations one has in aquaponics systems nearly as well, if not better than, the tilapia.  We will report on our findings. All in all, a good start to the year.  We will begin planting starters in the greenhouse soon.  Summer fruits, of course.  It will be hot before we are ready.


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