OC Metro Farm, Countdown to Thanksgiving, Part 1

Posted: November 21, 2015 in Urban farming
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We let the farm go this year. Oi. Out of control does not even begin to describe it. We’re taking it back, though. Slowly. In September, we got chicks. We’re growing them out and even though, our two remaining flock members are molting, we have eggs from our young bantam crowd. And the September chicks are getting huge! 11 chickens may not be some peoples’ idea of control, but it works for us.
Quail? We hatched a few. They look pretty good. And we’ll get them going again. There was a major fail of our aquaponics systems this past January when we were out of town. All we know is that when we came home from a one month hiatus, one tank was completely devoid of fish and pumps were scattered around our greenhouse, as if thrown. We don’t want to ask what happened, because, who wants to alienate people that are willing to housesit for crackpots with akitas, chickens, rabbits, and tilapia? (We had closed our quail operation down.) 
So, we’re setting stuff back up. Today, the kid and I spend the afternoon killing grass. We laid weed fabric over all of our front lawns. And we started planting our winter garden. Cabbage and broccoli, all planted in the shade, of course. Because the weather today is balmy. And it’s November. Do you hear that Mother Nature?! NOVEMBER! And while I appreciate the blackberries which are blooming, I have to say,… huh?????  
We harvested sweet potatoes today. Remember the ones planted by the Wild Roving Band of Raccoons who are Wild? We gave many of them away to our neighbors, because no one needs this many sweet potatoes. Getting ready for Thanksgiving, we are. I’m pretty sure we have a volunteer pumpkin somewhere and if not, the tromboncini did well and we’ll have some kick ass squash pie this Thursday. Volunteers, all. Because, did I mention we let the farm go this year?
It is okay, though. We’re getting back up on the horse. Stay tuned…. I hear a turkey hunt is in our near future. 



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