A letter to Climate Change Deniers, the World Over

Posted: April 22, 2015 in Urban farming
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Happy Earth Day!

For Earth Day, or evening, rather, here is a letter to climate change deniers. Everyone has a CCD in their midst. A sibling, a parent, a neighbor. The rest of us feel your pain. We feel it, too.

My dear Climate Change Denier:

This year was a pretty hot winter. I know there were snowstorms back East and it was frigidly cold in the Midwest. I lived back East once. I lived in the Midwest once. Hell, I was born there. It is fucking cold in the winter in Omaha. The coldest I’ve been since leaving Omaha was Berlin in January. It was so cold you ducked into stores when walking down the street because the wind chill hurt your lungs and your feet froze, despite the wool socks and heavy boots.

But, that was 20 years ago. At least.

I live in warmer climes, now. Much warmer. So, warm, in fact, that this past winter, cauliflower would not grow. It was too hot. Broccoli would not grow. It was too hot. Darn stuff bolted as soon as it made vague inklings towards heading. Even the broccoli I bought at Trader Joe’s had yellow flowers, people. That means it bolted, my dear CCD.

My liquid amber, which exists so I can pretend Fall each year, finally started turning red in February, about the time the new leaves started blossoming. Talk about deflating.

This year, I spent part of the winter in Ireland. In England. In France. It was nice. Sure, there was some snow in Sherwood Forest, but it lasted mere days. The sun shone brightly in Ireland and we saw rain ONCE in Paris. Yes, that was a mere month, but do you understand that Paris used to log more rainy days than London? And London? It was pleasant, too. We were in London on the last day of 2014 and it was NICE. The idea was that we’d show the kid real winter. Ah, hello, EPIC FAIL. Sure, she now appreciates the necessity of hats and gloves, but scarves were only necessary on the HIll of Tara.

We arrived home at the farm from our travels and, lo! the sun was shining, the air was warm, the eggplant was growing (I shit you not, CCDs!), and the peppers were fruiting. On the upside, tonight, I’ll be having guacamole with some locally (real local) grown peppers. Mmmmm.

Love, the folks at the OC Metro Farm Slainte!

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