Racky’s back….yes, he’s back.

Posted: November 24, 2014 in Uncategorized

Tonight, as I was making dinner, at 9:30 PM… things frequently do not run smoothly around here, lest anyone think it does, so sometimes we eat at 10 PM… when Bryn and I heard one word, “help.” It wasn’t spoken in a panic; it was more of a notification, that, hey, shit is going down back here in the backyard and an extra pair of hands or a fire hose would be good.

Bryn and I immediately dropped what we were doing. And, I, unlike Bryn, was still wearing pants. We ran to the back. There was hissing, snarling, thumping, and Ken, saying, “it’s the raccoon. The akitas have the raccoon.” Impressive snarling. Clearly not a small animal, and clearly not good news. Raccoons are MEAN when cornered. Although, as I eye the nearly 200 pounds of hound lying on the floor in a post raccoon hunt torpor, the raccoon may have a point.

“Get the sword!” I said to Bryn. She ran off to fetch it.

“It’s not here!” she replied. The sword in question is a wooden bokken, rather than a live blade. But, it was gone. Evidently, that was what Ken had grabbed and was currently using to try to separate the raccoon and the akitas. I grabbed the cane and headed to the fray. The cane is not nearly as sexy as the bokken, but still effective.

I ran out into the backyard to find Ken and Kazumi with the cornered raccoon. Ken managed to get Kazumi away from the raccoon and the raccoon ran to the ladder which leads to the roof garden, clearly trying to decide where the best escape route lay. I banged on the greenhouse and Ken banged on the trash cans. The evil neighbors, clearly goaded beyond all endurance and unable to continue pretending we did not exist in the face of the cacophony, oozed onto their front porch with their small yappy dog. I do not think that dog approved of the raccoon. She set to barking madly.

The raccoon raced up a tree and commenced hissing. I’m pretty sure I heard the evil neighbors hissing, too. Ken banged the tree a few more times, jumping back when the raccoon really became upset. Finally, the raccoon slunk off.

Koga was fine, not a scratch. The raccoon gave Kazumi several scratches on her muzzle, including one really close to her eye. Fortunately, she seems otherwise okay. Always a good way to round out a relaxing weekend, I say!


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