Do you like websites like ours?

Posted: September 10, 2014 in Uncategorized

If so, please consider contacting your senator regarding Net Neutrality.

This link connects to Time magazine’s article about today’s online protest.

Our website is free. All the information is available to anyone with an internet connection, anywhere. Pages on our site load every bit as handily as those on Amazon or Zappos or Etsy. It would be great to keep it that way!

You do not have to write a long letter or email. Even a short note would help. Tumblr has a petition in circulation. Thank you.

In case you are interested, here is our letter to our senators:

My husband and I are urban farmers in Orange County. We are interested in non-gmo foods, buying local, organic growing, and humane raising of animals. We run a very small urban farm on approximately 3000 square feet in urban Orange County. And because we are actually fairly successful at this endeavor and produce a lot of the food we eat, we blog about it. We want others to know what is possible.

Our website is free. We pay a minimal amount to host the website out of our pockets and anyone, anywhere with an internet connection can read about our successes and our failures. Most importantly, though, people can read about what they can do to take some control over their food supply.
Therefore, we are very concerned about the effort to partition the internet to the detriment of our website and other websites like ours.

Please know that we sincerely hope you will think of folks like us when voting time for this bill arrives.


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