The Secret Lives of Chickens

Posted: April 16, 2014 in Urban farming
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Once a year, even a well maintained coop needs a major cleaning. We won’t do our major cleaning until a really hot day, when the water and bleach will dry quickly, but this weekend I vacuumed all the cobwebs, scrubbed walls, and gave the coop a general cleaning. And I found this:



What the hell? I read it. I have no idea who J.T. might be. Or where this Rose, apparently a 5th grade teacher, might teach. Room #1, I suppose. Wherever that might be. I eyed the chickens. “Where did you get this?” They had nothing to say for themselves.

“Chickens lived in coops.” Well, it was pretty clear to me that this wasn’t some random index card that blew into our yard from the gusty Santa Anas. Also, there is not a 5th grader on our street named J.T. We’ve had a few visitors to the farm. No fifth graders immediately come to mind. Perhaps from the coop tour? That was last year, right after we built the coop. Although why a fifth grader would shove an index card into the coop in such a way that it would stay put for a year is a bit of a poser.

I eyed the chickens some more. “Who is J.T.?” No answer. Well, I suppose even chickens have their secrets.


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