The Duck

Posted: March 31, 2014 in Urban farming


Yesterday, we went to a friend’s house to pick up a ‘plant’ that he wanted to donate to Bryn’s school garden. “It’s a 6 foot white buddlea”, he said. I evidently missed the 6 foot part and envisioned a plant. In a pot. I told him we’d come and pick it up before attending a Pacific Symphony performance. He reiterated its 6 footedness. And recommended a pick up when we were not dressed up.

When we arrived at the house, there was a 6 foot tree sitting in his driveway. Six foot, was accurate, if one was describing the tree’s girth. That sucker looked to be at least 8 feet tall. We all eyed the FJ. Our friend said, “where do you live, again?”, clearly indicating that if we could stuff the tree into his full size van, he could bring it to us. “We’re taking it to Bryn’s school.”
We all pondered the tree a bit more. “I think we can make it work”, Ken said. So, the 3 of us moved the seats and commenced stuffing. The entire cabin of the car was taken up with tree, but the surfboard and sopping wetsuits fit over the branches and well, there are always the side mirrors.

“How about the tour?” Our friend raises plumerias on about the same amount of space that we farm and has well over 100 plants, representing dozens of varieties of plumerias. His wife raises monarchs and their yard also contains several varieties of butterfly bushes. Navigating his rather lush backyard, I spied a baby duck. “You have a duck?” Our friend had not mentioned a duck on the tour. He looked at me blankly. “A duck?” “Yes, a baby duck. It ran that way.” Bryn followed it to the corner. “Its cute!”

“I have a duck?” Our friend examined the bush into whence the baby duck had fled. We looked around the yard, in and among plumerias, and found no indications of a nest, eggs, or other ducks. The yard seemed secure. We caught the little duck- who looked like he had probably hatched in the last couple days and brought him back to the farm. Away from our other birds. A little swim, a little DE dusting, and some chow, and he seems to be doing just fine.


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