It is summer in Southern California.

Posted: June 20, 2013 in Urban farming

Bam-bam-bamf! 930 PM and the Disneyland fireworks happily light up the sky. There is a nice cool breeze blowing in the open windows and I can hear sirens heading for the local hospital. The Goodyear blimp circling Angel Stadium. Freight trains lumbering along on the nearby tracks.

Many of my urban farming cohorts dream of more space. Living on 1 or gasp! 5 acres of land with their animals and crops. Maybe even selling at the local farmer’s market on Saturdays.

Me? I love the city. I love high rise buildings. I love all the people. The museums. Restaurants. Disneyland. Sea World. The San Diego Zoo. The OCPAC. The beach. Especially the beach. All the surfers, the tourists, the families with their coolers and tents and easy chairs, the cars, the space standing, and the 800 people asking, “Are you leaving?” when I am dry and putting on a wetsuit.

I love all the farmer’s markets scattered around Orange County. If I miss our favorite market on Saturday morning, there are at least two more the following Sunday. Even the traffic, described by an acquaintance as, “southern California traffic is impacted between 2 and 8”, is something I can live with to be close to so much.

I am a creature of the city, not of a quiet and rural locale. I associate with others of my kind. The gals who run a feed store next to a freeway. An urban rancher, who has animals housed in stables scattered from Anaheim to San Diego. A teacher who runs a local agricultural program in the heart of the city and allows urban kids the opportunity to raise cows and pigs for the county fair. Members of a community garden. And others like us, who grow vegetables on their roofs and keep chickens in their backyards.

Urban living does not mean we cannot farm. It means only that we need to be incredibly creative about how we farm. It is summer in southern California. Go Plant!

Happy Summer Solstice!


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