a deluge of green fruit

Posted: June 16, 2013 in Urban farming

we try to eat in season. some of our summer favorites, like zucchini and tomatoes, are both fondly remembered and eagerly anticipated, particularly during the winter months. so, when spring and zucchini planting day approach, i go a little crazy. this year? um, 10 summer squash plants. maybe a lot crazy. now, we have zucchini a plenty. yellow straightneck. green scallopini. ronde de nice zucchini. possibly the most prolific zucchini plant EVER.

menus for the last two weeks include cheese and zucchini enchiladas, zucchini fritatta, sweet and sour zucchini, coleslaw made from zucchini, fried rice with zucchini, tomato-zucchini sauce, and of course, my favorite, zucchini tempura.

and still…there is zucchini. we gave it out at the beach yesterday. to other surfers, to the folks at the donut shop, to fishermen unloading their van, and to random passerbys not paying proper attention. newport beach pd was too quick on the uptake to get stuck with green squash.

zucchini really is an incredibly versatile fruit. do you not suddenly want some? available free at Blackies most weekends this summer…. BEFORE the black ball goes up, of course.


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