When to plant eggplant

Posted: April 15, 2013 in Urban farming

Today, we harvested our first tomato of the season. It was a small Cherokee purple and it was delicious. Tomorrow night, temperatures are predicted to drop to 48 degrees. No wonder I have 6 month old onion plants blooming in grand confusion. Gray clouds have covered much of the Southland for the last three days and water occasionally spits from the sky. The surf is washing machine like, sloshing us surfers back and forth over the kelp. It is full suit weather despite a few crazies who paddled out into the chop yesterday clad only in board shorts. Seriously. Even Polar Bear Ken sported blue lips when he got out of the water. Definitely not the time to plant my eggplants, the last of the seedlings in the greenhouse.

But, the eggplant is getting bigger and is a little too large for the containers in which they currently reside. Also, there is only one bag of frozen eggplant left. Enough for a single batch of ratatouille when more tomatoes ripen. I have not had Bengan bharta in two months. We need more eggplant! When to plant? Usually, by now, the weather has turned hot. Not as hot as Phoenix, which can offer up 100 degree days in April, but still warm enough to turn the fans on the chickens and consider freezing the ice blocks for the rabbits for the first time. Usually, it is a good time to plant eggplant. But, this year?

Maybe I’ll move the largest plants into the greenhouse aquaponics systems. The butternut seems happy. Or maybe I’ll roll the garden dice and plant the eggplant this weekend. After all, temperatures could jump into the 80s next week and stay there until November. Right?


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