In search of non-GMO seedlings

Posted: March 16, 2013 in Urban farming
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Today, we went to the OC Farm Supply for some perlite. I have a few more seeds I want to plant in the greenhouse in hopes that I will have seedlings long about May 15 or so, and I needed planting supplies for my seeds.

I was standing in line, waiting to purchase my perlite and peat moss, when I overheard one of the OC Farm pirates say something about GMO seedlings. (The employees at the OC Farm Supply resemble sales personnel far less than they resemble the crew of the Black Pearl. Seriously.) My ears perked. We have in the past, purchased seedlings from OC Farm Supply. Not often, but occasionally. The farm pirate, the Captain, actually, was telling a young couple that the OC Farm Supply could not guarantee that their seedlings were not GMO because they came from a large commercial grower. And the larger commercial growers often used GMO seeds. The couple seemed quite depressed.

I was struck by the couples’ white paleness. Neither looked as if they had seen the sun-ever. In a room with several people who spent time in the sun, they nearly glowed. Clearly, new gardeners or growers. Maybe just starting out on their first foray into the realm of growing their own food. Most interesting and rather exciting, really. They left the store-dejected. It was sad to see. I quickly paid for my perlite and peat moss and ran out the back of the store in hopes of catching them. I do not know what advice the OC Farm pirate had offered, but I had lots of advice. Where to get seeds, where to find seedlings…had I not just seen Aunt Molly’s ground cherries seedlings for sale at the farmers market this past AM? How much less GMO can one get?

Alas, although I threw my bags at Ken and ran after their truck, they had the windows rolled up tight and did not notice the crazy blonde waving at them and running beside their truck. The farm pirate noticed me-actually, EVERYONE at the farm store noticed me, aside from the occupants of the truck, and the farm pirate asked if I needed help. (Well, yes, but probably not the kind he could offer.) I told him that I had wanted to make a few suggestions to the couple looking for non GMO seedlings. He assured me that he had given them some pointers, but I remain unconvinced. It was a sadly missed opportunity. I just hope that wherever they drove off to, they find something good.


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