It’s Spring! Go plant.

Posted: March 4, 2013 in Urban farming

Spring starts early in southern California.  Hot days sometimes come as early as February.  Some years, we never really have winter.  There is, however, almost always one last hurrah of winter in early to mid March.  This year, that storm may be brewing right now.   But, this past weekend, we put tomato plants into the ground anyway.  Nearly all of our trees have buds.  Some of our grape vines have their first leaves.  The pomegrate tree got an early start and is nearly completely leafed out with pomegranate blooms ready to open.  Winter crops have begun to bolt.  All the mustard.  Most of the broccoli.  The greenhouse basil.  Some of the lettuce.  Almost all of our peas are done, too. 

It is definitely time to plant.  It matters not how much you plant or where you plant.  Put some organic scallions from the farmers market into a glass.  They’ll root and you can cut what you need and they’ll keep growing.  Put some basil into a pot and stick it into a sunny window.  Make a lasagna garden in a container on your front porch.  Plant a tomato plant and some strawberries.  You’ll have a few tomatoes and strawberries in July.  Mmm.  Make a sprouter and grow green sprouts in your kitchen in a week.  They’re great on salads!  Plant a few bean plants in a window box.  The flowers are really attractive and the beans will happily grow in a small container.  Throw wildflower seeds into a vacant lot before this next rain.  Preferably local, native varieties…  That garlic that is trying to grow in the fridge?  Pull the cloves apart and plant them in empty coffee cans with holes punched into the base.  Or go nuts and put a bunch of Sterilite containers along the walls on your garage roof and grow salsa fixings…tomatoes, peppers, onions, and cilantro.  Well, cilantro, for a short while.  Around here, that bolts pretty early.  Get dirty and go plant!

  1. Goldilocks says:

    I agree that you just need to start somewhere and plant something, because if you miss this chance, you have to wait another year for an opportunity like this. You can still plant throughout the year, but no time is as prime as now. I think I have been inspired to take my urban farming a step further.

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