Happy Groundhog(?) Day!!

Posted: February 2, 2013 in Urban farming
Will he see his shadow?!

Will he see his shadow?!

Mrs. Fancy:  BWAK!  This is ace chicken reporter, Mrs. Fancy with breaking news from the OC Metro Farm!  It’s Groundhog Day, people!  And while, we at the Farm, do not have a groundhog, we have Big Bunny.  We’ve gone into the House to ask Big Bunny if he saw his shadow this morning!

Mrs. Fancy:  Big Bunny!

Big Bunny:  Huh?  Who are you?

Mrs. Fancy:  I am ace chicken reporter, Mrs. Fancy.

Big Bunny:  Okay.  Eh, what can I do for you?

Mrs. Fancy:  Well, as you may know, Big Bunny, its Groundhog Day!

Big Bunny:  Oh, yeah.  That’s right.  I heard my people talking about some rat they pull out of a log back where there is actually winter.  It’s a really old celebration that used to take place in the dead of winter when the food stores were low and people wanted to party.

Mrs. Fancy:  That’s right!  Now, we don’t have a groundhog here on the Farm, but, you’re pretty close to a groundhog.  Right?

Big Bunny:  Huh?  Lady, I’m a rabbit.

Mrs. Fancy:  So, Big Bunny, what my readers want to know is, did you see your shadow this morning?  My readers await!  Will there be six more weeks of winter?

Big Bunny:  Look, Lady, I live in the living room.  The curtains are still closed.  It’s dark in here! I don’t see any shadows!

Mrs. Fancy:  You can’t see your shadow?

Big Bunny:  Besides, Lady, this is southern California.  We’re lucky if we get six weeks of winter all year!  There is no way we will get six more weeks of winter starting on February 2!

Mrs. Fancy:  Well, there you have it gentle feathered readers, Big Bunny did not see his shadow and has predicted an early spring!

Big Bunny:  Go away, Lady!  You’re freaking me out!  Chickens.

Mrs. Fancy:  This is ace chicken reporter, Mrs. Fancy, looking forward to an early spring!  Bwak!


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