Rutabaga Woes

Posted: January 25, 2013 in Urban farming

The rutabagas pictured on the Baker Creek seed packs look so tasty.  200+ seeds per packet and I planted all of them.  Maybe 2, no, maybe 3 rutabaga seedlings dared to raise their heads.  They were promptly consumed by snails, slugs, caterpillars, or some other vicious trolling beast.  No wonder the others did not poke their heads up.

Maybe it is too hot here.  Middle of January and the trees that actually change color and lose their leaves have finally, finally, deigned to do so.  Temperatures remained warm until almost Christmas.  Then, the weather actually turned cool.  Rain, rain, rain.  Hey, little rutabaga.  Come on up.  Nice cool weather and rain!

No?  Well, there were actually temperatures dipping down into the low 30s two weeks ago!  First time that has happened in a few years.  Surely, that is cold enough to entice a rutabaga seedling to pop up?  No?  Boom!  80 degree days.  There is nice sunshine up here now, little rutabaga.  Sure, the Santa Ana winds are whipping by the house at 40 miles per hour, but they are warm-ish.  Still no go?  Ah!  Now, it is 70 degrees and pouring.  How about now?  Still no rutabaga.

Maybe next week.  It is supposed to rain for a few days.  Temperatures should be in the 60s.


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