Cow Share

Posted: November 26, 2012 in Urban farming

Yesterday, completely by accident, we stumbled across a cow share.  15 dollars a month to join.  We have to show up every Tuesday to milk Buttercup but we keep all the milk we get from her a day, which is roughly about 1/2 of a gallon.  Having never milked a cow, I managed to squirt myself, Buttercup, the wall, the straw, and get a little bit in the bottle.  Buttercup also swatted me with her tail a few times.  Ken, however, was a natural.  Stream after stream of milk into the bottle.  I hope to get the hang of milking in about six months, or so…

Buttercup lives at a local horse riding stable.  The gal who runs the stable teaches horse riding classes to kids through various city programs.  She has a down at the farm program for kids at this stable, as well.  She also has a farm down in San Diego County so she isn’t always around to milk her cow.  Thus, she set up a cow share.  I wonder if other stables like this one have cow or goat shares?

  1. siobhan collier says:

    How do I find out how to join??!

    • ocmetrofarm says:


      Are you anywhere near Anaheim and would be able to milk on a weekday? If so, forward your information to and I’ll pass it off to Buttercup’s owner. I believe that she is looking for additional milkers, still.

      • Brian says:


        I’m wondering as well if I could purchase a cow share! I’m watching Farmegeddon right now and in true 21st century fashion I’m on my smart phone attempting to find a cow share and/or a source of raw milk while watching TV.

        At any rate, I live in Anaheim and am available to milk the cow on a regular basis for our share. Could you forward my email over to Buttercup’s owner? I’m really excited about possibly being able to find milk this fresh!



      • ocmetrofarm says:

        Hi, Brian. I will talk to Cheryl this week! Nat

      • siobhan collier says:

        Hi! I tried e-mailing and it came back as an error. Could you please give me another email address? I am very eager to join!!! Thanks!!

  2. Siobhan Collier says:

    😦 I never got a response from Cheryl.. did you fwd my info?

  3. Cat says:

    I would love to know more, is this still available?

    • ocmetrofarm says:

      I do believe that Buttercup’s owner is still looking for milkers. The cow is up in Anaheim and all of us in the cowshare commit to one morning a week. Would you like for me to forward your email to Buttercup’s owner? Nat

  4. Christine says:

    I know this is an old post but if she still needs a milker I’m a SAHM and am very flexible. I live right next to Amaheim.
    Thank you,

    • ocmetrofarm says:

      Hi, Christine. I’ll forward the info to Buttercup’s owner. I don’t know if she’s looking for additional milkers or not. I believe she was, as of a couple of weeks ago. Nat

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